Devblog #5 - Weapons and loots !

I said in the previous dev blog that we would probably talk about the skill tree.

Well we won't, I want to tackle something else today !

Let's rewind a bit to the core mechanics of the game : Shooting & Meleeing (yes, I know that's not a real word, whatever you nerds)

We talked about various options :

  • Itemization of various weapons like rifles, rocket launchers, swords, sledgehammers and so on... (example : Anthem or any modern RPG :)))
  • Anthem inventory
  • Colored loots with randomly generated weapons (example : Anthem again, Borderlands or any modern shooter).
  • Borderlands 1 inventory
  • Specific weapons to unlock & upgrade in game (example : DOOM, Serious Sam, Hades).
  • Hades weapons
  • Mix & Merge weapons (example : Noita, Spellbreaker).
  • Noita weapon mixing system
  • Single weapon type that you upgrade/change as you progress (The Binding of Issac).

And that's just a glimpse of what we discussed, there's so much directions to take in that regards...

When we're brainstorming about a new game, we always search for unique ways to play and we wanted something fun, that have depth and that is interesting to work on.

One think was clear however, we wanted to give more attention to the decisions of the player and less to his stats (but that doesn't mean there won't be any stats).

Don't get me wrong, we love games with lootsplosions and colored/tier equipment can be fun when it's done well but we chose to try something a bit more complex that don't rely on '+5 damage to ranged enemy'.

Borderlands lootsplosion

Stats will be present but nodes will define what kind of weapon you're handling.

Our current plans for weapons is a mix of multiple games but mostly inspired by the binding of issac tear's weapon that evolve as you get new items.

Your ranged and melee attacks at the start of the run will be rather simple and as you progress in the skill tree, you'll unlock new projectiles types, applied elemental effects on enemies, new patterns of attacks, ...

This will allow you to have huge variety of build possibilities if we do our job correctly by adding lots and lots of nodes that will unlock new combos and effects.

Combos will have a huge impact on your playstyle; if you use them correctly, you'll be able to beat your enemies without the mandatory '+3 damage to blue enemies when crouched + backflip + Konami code is pressed'.

We also wish to create unique visuals and variations of animations when you mix nodes together but as it's a huge project, we can't say for sure if we'll be able to get this in the final game.

I'm gonna wrap up this devblog, it's long enough and we'll have lots of opportunities to talk about this in next devblogs.

I didn't talk much about melee today but there will be a devblog dedicated to it when the times come.

In the meantime, I hope you'll have wonderful day/evening and we'll see you next week I hope !

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