Devblog #4 - Node experiments N°1

We've been showing you player movements, arenas, enemies, ...

Now it's time to showcase some of the nodes that you can acquire in the skill tree.

Keep in mind that these are experiments, we're just trying some stuff for now. Some of these nodes or even all of them could be *whooshed* from the final game.

Shotgun & Splitgun :

These nodes affects the player's projectiles.

Icy Jump :

Allows you to create a spherical zone where enemies are slowed (to escape annoying opponents).

Fire Shot :

Gives your bullets a fire effect that burn enemies in a spherical zone around the enemy.

Explosions :

Fire & Ice don't really mix well...

That's all we have to show for today !

Sorry, this devblog is a bit shorter than usual, but we had some things going on (to compensate, we had a lot of small clips).

We wanted to present some of the nodes we're working on before we explain our visions of nodes in the game.

See you next week for a deep dive into the node system I guess ? (or something else, we'll see :)

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