PPBB Devblog #2 - First arenas

PPBB is a roguelite FPS. What does that implies ?

It means we need to create variety in the player's experience with the enemies, the weapon kit, the abilities and of course, the arenas.

This isn't written in stone but our current plans for this is to create multiple arenas with waves of enemies spawning around the map at specific locations.

When a round is finished (every enemies have been eliminated), you will be able to choose among multiple arena for the next round.

Each arena has a completely different layout & mechanics (still in reflection).

To test things out, we had to create some content (2 basic levels and a small playground) as well as tools to streamline the arena creation process.

The playground is a multipurpose zone where we can throw all sorts of things in there. Each time we have to test something, it goes into the playground.

PPBB's playground

The arenas in the other hand will serve a 'validation' purpose. We will test AI behaviours and player movements here along other specific mechanics.

First testing arena Second testing arena

Finally, we created scripts that runs in the godot editor to automate some small tasks for our level designer.

Here's how we can transform a small cube to a bigger platform with this script without much work :

These scripts will automatically update the collider (shape where the object will collide with other elements of the game) to match the mesh (model of the object).

The example above present a basic cube platform, but we can create shapes with some other parameters like this one :

Tools & arenas like theses ones are just first experimentations, much more will come in the future when we'll have a solid gameplay base.

Thank you for your interest in this dev update !

Next time we'll cover AI & enemies.

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